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Timelessly Beautiful Solid Wood Furniture!

Central Pennsylvania’s handcrafted furniture store.


Comfort For Every Room

With our signature furniture collections, choose to energize every corner of the house. Our quality furniture is designed for both modern and traditional spaces to suit your style. With local craftsmen, Hearthside Furniture creates sustainable furniture with a high level of customization.


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Customer Testimonials

Shop Handcrafted Furniture Brands At Hearthside Furniture

At Hearthside Furniture, we bring you solid wood furniture brands for timeless beauty and enduring comfort. Hearthside Furniture is known as one of the best furniture stores in Pennsylvania with real wood furniture, myriads of furniture styles, tastefuly designed decor options and a lot more for the home you dream about.

What’s your idea of style & comfort? Find the finest furniture for your home’s dining room, bedroom, living room, and other areas. Uplift the ambiance of your space with incredible pieces of indoor furnishings, outdoor furniture, bedding, lamps, accessories, and rugs from Hearthside Furniture.

Elevate Your Home with Beautiful Designs

They say style chooses you, so get ready to be picked by only the best in furniture, decor, and accessories. Hearthside Furniture sells more than just the typical furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor areas. Stop in and take a look!

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Make Your Office A Productive Office

Take a seat and explore our office furniture designs that bring out the best in your office experience. From the great collections of sturdy chairs and writing desks to side tables and spacious bookshelves, we have a lot to keep you inspired for your ideal workspace.

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Take A Break with the Beauty of Nature

From summers spent relaxing at the shore to weekends in the mountains, it’s time to add the finishing touch to your outdoor spaces. Choose from the finest patio furniture styles available to make your outdoor space stand out. Our outdoor furniture collections will allow you to sit back, relax, and take in nature’s beauty.

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Ideas & Inspiration for Your Dream Home

If you want to upgrade your home and add a personal touch to it, here’s what you need to look at. See tips on minimalist style, using color in your decor, and styling your room like a pro! We have you covered for every room of your home.

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    Refresh your home's ambiance and fragrance with a thorough autumn house cleaning. Now's the perfect moment to bid farewell to your summer decor and usher in the holiday decorations.

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  2. Timeless vs. Trendy: Choosing Furniture That Will Stand the Test of Time

    When stepping into the world of home furnishings, one question looms large: Will you chase the wave of contemporary trends or anchor your space with timeless pieces that stand the test of design's ebb and flow? Did you know that the average person will change their main pieces of furniture only once every 15 years? This statistic highlights the importance of each choice in your home's furnishings. While the allure of the latest design fads can be tempting, it's the classic, enduring pieces that promise to deliver not just immediate satisfaction but also a lasting legacy of style and function. Let's explore how to curate a space that captures the essence of timeless appeal, ensuring your home remains a bastion of taste for years to come. The Timeless Appeal: What Makes Design Everlasting?

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  3. Weathered and Worn Finishes: A Glimpse into Distressed Furniture Trends

    Dive into the world of furniture design, where the allure of the past seamlessly merges with modern artistry. Discover the resurgence of distressed finishes, a tribute to the beauty of wear, age, and imperfections masterfully replicated by skilled craftsmen. From the sun-kissed warmth of Brushed Fawn Oak to the deep amber tones of Glazed Rustic Hickory, these finishes tell stories of nature's splendor and timeless elegance. Unearth the charm of Antiquity Champagne Cherry and the textured beauty of Weathered Lichen Cherry. Embark on a journey where tradition meets innovation, and embrace the legacy of artistry and design.

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