Decorating Tips
  1. Decorating Tip: Give Your Room Space for Traffic Flow

    Room Space

    It's tempting to fit as many items into your room as possible. However, your room will feel bigger and you will be able to more comfortably move around your house if you factor in the traffic flow through your room. Take this into consideration when arranging your furniture.

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  2. Decorating Tip: Use the "Rule of Three"

    Rule of Three

    When styling decorative objects, grouping them in odd numbers, especially groups of three will create a more pleasing arrangement. In our example, the sofa, end table and basket create a beautiful grouping of three.

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  3. Decorating Tip: Use Only Decorations That Mean Something to You!

    Meaningful Decorations

    Want to create a space that you won't get tired of? Decorate using only things that are special and hold value to you. It's your space. Make it yours!

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  4. Decorating Tip: Start Small

    Small Decor

    Decorating your home can feel like a daunting task. Make it easier by focusing on one room, or even just a part of that room. This will give you a great starting point to build off of for the rest of your home.

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  5. Decorating Tip: Use a Mirror to Make Your Small Room Feel Larger

    Mirror To Make Room Feel Larger

    Have a small room you wish felt a little bigger? Adding a large wall mirror will give it the perception of being larger. This can be done simply and as part of your room's decor.

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  6. Decorating Tip: Swap Out Old Light Fixtures for New Ones

    Light Fixtures

    Light fixtures can make a big difference in your room's look and feel. Upgrading to new lights can bring your room up to date and give it new life. Choose light fixtures that match your style preferences and work with your furniture style.

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  7. Decorating Tip: Keeping It Simple

    Less is More

    Struggling to get that polished look in your room? Sometimes simplifying your decor selections can go a long way. Start by removing elements that don't hold any value to you. Less is more!

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  8. Decorating Tip: Easily Change Up Your Color Palette

    Changing Color Palette

    Did you know you can change up your room without spending a lot of dollars, simply by changing out your pillows, adding a new comfy blanket and/or changing the curtains? Pair neutral wall and furniture colors with these low-cost colorful accessories and easily change the color theme as often as you like!

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  9. Decorating Tip: Add Some Live Plants

    Live Plants

    Bring a little nature indoors and brighten up your room with some live, green plants. What's more, live plants can improve the quality of your air, lighten your mood and boost your productivity! And, on these winter days, who couldn't use a little greenery?

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