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Decorating Tips
  1. Decorating Tip: From Neglected, to Organized

    organized garage

    The garage, often neglected, can become a catch-all for items we don't know what to do with. To reclaim and optimize this space, consider adding shelves, bins, and pegboards to facilitate a systematic organization of your belongings. With these practical additions, you can transform your garage into a well-ordered and functional part of your home.

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  2. Decorating Tip: Time For You Fall Cleanse & Festive Refresh

    fall cleaning and decorating

    Refresh your home's ambiance and fragrance with a thorough autumn house cleaning. Now's the perfect moment to bid farewell to your summer decor and usher in the holiday decorations.

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  3. Decorating Tip: Master Your Room's Color Scheme

    color scheme in living room

    Design your room with the perfect colors using the color wheel as your guide. The linked article provides easy-to-follow tips and expert advice. Find tips now to make your dream room a reality!

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  4. Decorating Tip: Bring the Essence of Fall Indoors

    fall indoor tabletop decor

    Welcome to the fall season! Embrace the essence of autumn by bringing the outdoors inside. Collect pinecones, leaves, and other vibrant natural elements to craft stunning centerpieces without spending a dime.

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  5. Decorating Tip: Elevate Your Patio Space With An Area Rug

    outdoor area rug

    Looking to upgrade your outdoor living space? An area rug on your patio is an economical way to bring an added level of style and comfort to your back patio. Paired with an outdoor dining set, it helps provide a great experience for you and your guests.

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  6. Decorating Tip: Quick tip for a more organized entryway

    shoe rack in entryway

    Eliminate the clutter of scattered shoes in your entryway by incorporating a shoe rack for effortless organization of your footwear.

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  7. Decorating Tip: Transform Your Laundry Toom

    Tips for decorating your laundry room

    There's no reason for your laundry room to be a chaotic mess, especially since we spend a significant amount of time in there. You can keep laundry supplies out of sight by storing them in baskets and using shelves to organize everything. You'll be grateful for the effort come laundry day!

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  8. Decorating Tip: Expand Your Living Space Outdoors

    Outdoor Decor

    Wishing for more space to entertain? Your backyard might be just the space to expand your living area. Being outdoors provides the flexibility of implementing various elements including fire, water, seating, and lighting.

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  9. Decorating Tip: Are you forgetting this room?

    Bathroom Decor

    The bathroom is often a neglected space when it comes to home décor. However, there are several ways to integrate it into the overall aesthetic of your home. Incorporating plants can add vitality and freshness to the room. To enhance the natural ambiance, consider incorporating elements made of wood or natural materials such as soap dispensers, bath trays, and toothbrush holders.

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  10. Decorating Tip: Make Your Living Room Feel Larger!

    Larger Living Room

    Does your living room feel small? Pulling furniture away from the walls, and creating a pathway around the furniture helps build the illusion of a larger room. Plus, bringing the furniture closer together encourages more intimate conversations.

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