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Decorating Tips
  1. Decorating Tip: Transform Your Laundry Toom

    Tips for decorating your laundry room

    There's no reason for your laundry room to be a chaotic mess, especially since we spend a significant amount of time in there. You can keep laundry supplies out of sight by storing them in baskets and using shelves to organize everything. You'll be grateful for the effort come laundry day!

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  2. Decorating Tip: Expand Your Living Space Outdoors

    Outdoor Decor

    Wishing for more space to entertain? Your backyard might be just the space to expand your living area. Being outdoors provides the flexibility of implementing various elements including fire, water, seating, and lighting.

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  3. Decorating Tip: Are you forgetting this room?

    Bathroom Decor

    The bathroom is often a neglected space when it comes to home décor. However, there are several ways to integrate it into the overall aesthetic of your home. Incorporating plants can add vitality and freshness to the room. To enhance the natural ambiance, consider incorporating elements made of wood or natural materials such as soap dispensers, bath trays, and toothbrush holders.

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  4. Decorating Tip: Make Your Living Room Feel Larger!

    Larger Living Room

    Does your living room feel small? Pulling furniture away from the walls, and creating a pathway around the furniture helps build the illusion of a larger room. Plus, bringing the furniture closer together encourages more intimate conversations.

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  5. Decorating Tip: How are you improving your home in 2023?

    Bedroom Home Improvement

    Thinking about how you can improve your home this year? New home furnishings and decor are a great way to update your home interior. Come to our store, or visit our website to browse our large selection.

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  6. Decorating Tip: Minimal Holiday Decorations

    Minimal Holiday Decorations

    Don’t want to go all out on Christmas decorations this year? Try implementing just one or two holiday elements. A bit of evergreen, a simple cozy rug and candles can go a long way to bringing the holiday spirit into your home!

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  7. Decorating Tip: Make your room cozier with soft accessories.

    Cozy Room Setting

    To increase the warmth and comfort of your room, layer pillows, add some soft rugs, and implement soft upholstered furniture.

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  8. Decorating Tip: Create A Focal Point With An Accent Wall

    Focal Point

    Accent walls can be a great way to bring some color and a distinct focal point to the room. When choosing paint colors for your room, choose a light/neutral color as the main wall color and choose something that contrasts with it for the accent wall. Additionally, you can place your most valued decorations and furniture on the accent wall to draw attention to the pieces you love the most.

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  9. Decorating Tip: Give Your Room Space for Traffic Flow

    Room Space

    It's tempting to fit as many items into your room as possible. However, your room will feel bigger and you will be able to more comfortably move around your house if you factor in the traffic flow through your room. Take this into consideration when arranging your furniture.

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  10. Decorating Tip: Use the "Rule of Three"

    Rule of Three

    When styling decorative objects, grouping them in odd numbers, especially groups of three will create a more pleasing arrangement. In our example, the sofa, end table, and basket create a beautiful grouping of three.

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