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Classic Comfort Mattress Warranty




20 Years

CL2010, CL2020,

CL2030, CL2040,



1/20th of the manufacturer's current suggested

retail price times the number of years in use.

12 Years

CL1210, CL1230,


1/12th of the manufacturer's current suggested

retail price times the number of years in use.

5 Years CL5100

1/5th of the manufacturer's current suggested

retail price times the number of years in use.

3 Years CL3200

1/3rd of the manufacturer's current suggested

retail price times the number of years in use.

Rules for Proper Care of Your New Classic Comfort Product

  • A uniformly firm box spring/foundation is necessary for long service life and lasting comfort of your new mattress. Do not use a sagging box spring/foundation. A mismatched box spring or foundation will void the warranty.
  • Turn your mattress over and end to end regularly (Every two weeks for the first three months of use and every two months thereafter.) This will help avoid body impressions caused by sleeping in one position continuously. However, be advised that all mattresses will show body impressions as the filling materials settle. Body impressions less than 18% of total mattress height are not considered structurally defective and are not covered by this warranty. The filling material is intended to provide cushioning and sleep comfort. A minor body impression is not an indication of any structural failure.
  • Do not bend or double over your innerspring mattress as this will distort the heavy gauge wire and cause the edge of your mattress to sag. Exception: King size mattresses have a built-in hinge in the center of the sides of the mattress, thus it will not damage the mattress by bending it.
  • Do not allow anyone to stand or jump on your mattress since this breaks down the inner construction and materials. A mattress is not to be used as a trampoline.
  • King and Queen size bedding must have a center support leg in the bed frame.
  • Do not remove the white cloth law labels on the end of the mattress. This serves as a means of identification for your warranty.


Classic Comfort Limited Warranty
Thank you for purchasing or considering a Classic Comfort product. We strive to provide you with a superior quality mattress fashioned with your specific needs in mind.
These mattresses and box springs are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship when the rules for proper care are followed. The warranty will not apply to products that are burned, soiled, stained, or if the mattress or box spring has been subjected to obvious abuse or improper care. See rules for proper care of your new mattress and box spring above. If any defect should appear, the defect will be repaired or the item will be replaced at the manufacturer’s option. If a defect should appear within one year of purchase date, such defect will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Beyond one year, the warranty value is pro-rated. See above for charge calculation beyond the first year. Transportation for the mattress will be at the purchaser’s expense. If identical materials are not available at the time of the warranty claim, the manufacturer reserves the right to substitute materials of comparable quality. The selling retailer is assigned by the manufacturer as his agent in handling any complaint. Defective items should be reported to selling retailer. Proof of purchase is required. The warranty is limited to the original purchaser.