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  1. How To Make Your Dining Room A Focal Point This Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Table Spread

    We all know that the real stars of the Thanksgiving holiday are the foods — from the mouth-watering smells drifting into the living room as you watch football, to the beautifully carved turkey and all the fixings as they grace the dining room table. However, if you are playing host this year, don’t overlook the all-important setting for your Thanksgiving dinner: the dining room.

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  2. Timeless Home Furnishings: How to update a room without being too “trendy”

    Design Palette

    They may not be as fast or as fleeting as clothing styles, but home décor trends come and go too. Everyone wants a home update once in a while. So how do you make your surroundings comfortable, modern, and stylish without constantly buying into the latest fad?

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