weathered and worn finishes

In the realm of furniture design, there's a timeless appreciation for styles that evoke the charm of yesteryears. Distressed finishes, which pay homage to the beauty of wear and age, have made a notable comeback. While these finishes emphasize imperfections and the passage of time, skilled craftsmen possess the artistic prowess to authentically replicate such wear. Let's delve into a selection of colors that epitomize this trend:



Brushed Fawn Oak  

Brushed Fawn Oak:

The Brushed Fawn Oak finish stands as a testament to nature's splendor. Its warm, sun-kissed honey mingles seamlessly with muted taupe tones, resulting in an elegant symphony of hues. With Oak's distinctive wood grain patterns gracefully sprawled across the surface, one can't help but be entranced by its organic beauty. Spaces adorned with this finish resonate with feelings of rustic charm, juxtaposed beautifully with refined sophistication.

Brushed Fawn Manor Bedroom  

Brushed Fawn Footboard



Glazed Rustic Hickory  

Glazed Rustic Hickory:

Delve deep into the heart of tradition with Glazed Rustic Hickory. Predominantly showcasing profound amber shades, the woodwork radiates warmth and timeless elegance. Its swirling grain patterns mesmerize, serving as a testament to nature's artistic prowess. A contrasting gray-brown hue lends a touch of modern flair, while the rustic finish accentuates the wood's authentic, time-worn feel. The harmonious blend of rich wood tones and softer highlights crafts an ambiance ripe for creativity and relaxation.

Belmont Executive Desk  

Belmont Executive Office

Antiquity Champagne  

Antiquity Champagne Cherry:

A true ode to craftsmanship, Antiquity Champagne Cherry offers an evocative palette of warm, rich browns infused with subtle reddish undertones. This finish, with its glossy sheen, brilliantly reflects ambient light, adding a touch of radiance to any room. Consistent wood grain patterns lend depth and character, creating a vibe that's undeniably earthy and rooted in tradition. The shadows and highlights playfully dance across the surfaces, emphasizing the meticulous detailing inherent in each piece.

Shaker Corner Cabinet  

San Miguel Table

Weathered Lichen  

Weathered Lichen Cherry:

A blend of tradition and modern artistry, Weathered Lichen Cherry captivates with its rich medium brown hue, accentuated with a warm honey undertone. The surface, meticulously wire-brushed, captures the essence of wood weathered by time and elements. The visible natural wood grain adds an extra layer of depth, while the satin-smooth finish promises a tactile experience like no other.

Calais Sleigh Bed  

Coventry Table



In the realm of furniture design, these distressed finishes bridge the gap between past elegance and contemporary style. They provide a tangible link to nature's authenticity and the rich tapestry of history, presenting a visual narrative that honors the beauty of age and flaw. By choosing a piece adorned with these finishes, you're securing more than just furniture—you're embracing artistry, legacy, and enduring charm. Don't miss out on this unique blend of history and design. Visit our showroom now and glimpse these finishes firsthand.